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Welcome to HeavenGames’ reviews section, here you’ll find reviews of Real Time Strategy games that HeavenGames may or may not cover.

Shattered Union

By Adder on October 29, 2005 – 7/10

A new turn based strategy by TopPop. How does it stand up?

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

By Adder on October 9, 2005 – 8.2/10

Rome Total War – Barbarian Invasion is the expansion to one of 2004’s most acclaimed games. Did it deliver?

LoTR: Battle for Middle Earth

By Socvazius on March 4, 2005 – 9.1/10

The Battle for Middle Earth is EA’s first venture into making RTS games on the world of Middle Earth, find out if it’s as good as their previous games.

Rome: Total War

By Socvazius on October 17, 2004 – 9.5/10

A lot of people had high expectations for Medieval: Total War’s sequel, find out if those expectations were met.

AoM: The Titans

By Socvazius on September 30, 2003 – 9.2/10

Ensemble Studios’ expansion pack for AoM has a lot of new stuff in store for the gamers, but how does it turn out? Read this review to find out.

Zoo Tycoon

By Thunder on Unknown date – 7.4/10

Check out Heaven’s review of the Tycoon series’ Zoo installment.