Trash Preview

One man’s Trash is another man’s treasure and “Trash” is independent developer Inhuman Games’ new visa card. This game is golden; it’s small and simple with an eerie complexity that makes all who play it like it. I am not known for being so excited about RTS titles; in fact I’m more of the “I’ve seen that in another game” type of player. I preview/review titles based off of my gaming experience and try to tell it like it is.

Trash is a multiplayer based RTS game developed by a 2 man team under the name Inhuman Games. They have been working on the title for the past 5 years and the TLC they are putting into the game is simply unmatched. There is something special that everyone needs to know about independent developers that differ from the big guys. Independent developers will play the game along side you and listen very carefully to what you say; they have no real deadlines, and have no one to answer to. This affords Indy games with great developers a polish that usually isn’t seen in the big name games. Trash brings back the feel of old RTS, the good ones, StarCraft, Warcraft 2, Red Alert, it makes me want to play it. I don’t know why I like it so much besides it’s a terrific game that isn’t losing site on what made games like Red Alert and StarCraft so great, lots of fun and no annoying features to get in the way of the fun. To explain a little better I have to take you back a little, to the days of RTS giants and what made them classics. StarCraft and Red Alert probably the most widely played online games in the 90s. There were tens of thousands of people playing them everyday from all over the world. They played like a true RTS game should play, expand to build more troops and gain more resources, fight with skill and win because of ability, know what you’re doing and how to get it done. There was very little luck involved in those games; it was mainly about who has the most knowledge and who played the game better. Most games like this have been replaced in favor of RPG elements and unneeded “game play enhancement” features. Trash brings all of the elements from the old school RTS to the table in a fully 3d game with rich game play and a pretty easy learning curve. Trash is the spiritual successor to the games of old, it provides an outlet away from the “million techs” “million calculations” games that are flooding the genre and hurting the competitive nature of RTS.

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