HeavenGames Feature Articles

HeavenGames has attended many press events, exclusive developer visits, and the like in its long history. Though not all have been documented, here are all of the articles written about such events.

Baton Rouge and the Gaming Industry: A Report

By Socvazius on April 30, 2008

Socvazius reports on the initiatives that Baton Rouge, Louisiana has undertaken as an effort to make itself one of the strongest players in the video game industry.


By theferret, The Mad Metapoet, and Socvazius on April 25, 2008

HeavenGames provides extensive liveblogging and photographic coverage of the Cambridge, MA convention dedicated to internet memes and celebrity.

Midway Gamer’s DayImages

By Intrepid on March 3, 2006

We had the pleasure of being invited to attend Midway’s Gamers’ Day Event in Los Angeles California on February 28th. Intrepid had the chance to play some of Midway’s upcoming releases, including Rise and Fall Civilizations at War – check out what he thought of the trip and game!

Battle for Middle Earth 2 Community DayImages

By Adder on August 15, 2005

Electronic Arts gave HG the chance to check out Battle for Middle Earth 2 in their LA offices…HG kindly obliged once again!

Age of Empires 3 Community DayImages

By Lysimachus on June 27, 2005

Descent to ‘Mad Doc-ness’Images

By One_Dead_Angel, Mokon on June 11, 2005

During the EE2 University event, Mad Doc invited the Modders and Designers amongst the group to come for a visit to come for tour and discuss how Mad Doc can support this segment of the community. One_Dead_Angel and Mokontook him up on the offer.

Empire Earth 2 UniversityImages

By Socvazius on March 19, 2005

HeavenGames got flown down to the Vivendi Universal Games offices in Los Angeles to get some hardcore education on Empire Earth 2.

Battle for Middle Earth Community DayImages

By Socvazius on May 16, 2004

Electronic Arts gave HG the chance to check out Battle for Middle Earth in their LA offices…HG kindly obliged.

Big Huge Games – RoN: Thrones and PatriotsImages

By Socvazius, One Dead Angel on March 19, 2004

HeavenGames checks out Big Huge Games’ latest x-pack in their offices at Timonium, Maryland.

Stainless Steel StudiosImages

By Socvazius on November 9, 2003

Boston, MA is the home of none other than Stainless Steel Studios, so that’s where a couple winged folks went for some coverage of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.

RoN Fan StockImages

By Obsidian on December 6, 2002

Check out what went on during Microsoft’s own little “RoN community convention.”

RoN FragapaloozaImages

By One Dead Angel on November 29, 2002

HG got a chance to check out RoN in one of Microsoft’s promotional events.

E3 2002

By Angel SpineMan on May, 2002

HG visited E3 2002 and it was a blast. Check out the report here.

EE Launch Party

By EE Launch Party on November 16, 2001

Empire Earth’s launch party was quite the shindig, check out what went on.

EE University

By Rasher on April 18, 2001

HeavenGames got top-quality education at the Empire Earth University, find out what was learned.