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Topic Subject:The Fight For Emperorship - A Roman Story
posted 12-22-00 14:36 ET (US)         
Let's start another story in this forum. Okay, I will start us off. Everyone is welcome to participate, and anything is possible. Let's have some fun with this new story.

Let's begin:

Here is a list of the current characters:

Caesar Maximus-----------current emperor of Rome
Marcus Publius-----------Imperial Commander of the Roman Army, want to be Caesar
The Boy------------------emperor's son and heir to the Roman throne
Pow, Mow, and Chow-------Secret elephants for emperors of Rome, triplets born in Carthago, have the power to live over 100 years

Remember, new characters are always welcome.


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posted 12-22-00 14:38 ET (US)     1 / 11       

Edit: Should ewe have a discussion first...or just start right away? Its about time I join in one of these again.

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posted 12-22-00 14:39 ET (US)     2 / 11       
Let it not be so, said a voice in a distant forest, I have the power, not him. It should have worked; I cannot believe this. That treacherous boy thinks he is better than everyone else, just because he is the future emperor of Rome. I am telling you that that boy does not deserve the throne of Rome. I, Marcus Publius, have saved the emperor from the evil Gauls of the North. I am a commander and chief of the Imperial Roman Army. That boy is nothing, but a lying sack of potatoes. Everyone believes him for anything. He has the nerve to tell Roman citizens that he is the one who sent reinforcement for Caesar Maximus. It was I who sent reinforcement, yet Caesar does not know. I will not work under his son rule. I will work with the barbarians and destroy his good name. I will be emperor of Rome soon enough. You had not seen the last of Marcus Publius, Imperial Commander of all Rome.

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posted 12-22-00 21:46 ET (US)     3 / 11       
Caesar Maximus returned to Rome from the Battle of Po River on 3 elephants. These three elephants goes wherever the emperor of Rome goes. The names of these elephants are Pow, Mow, and Chow. These elephants are triplets, and they are from Carthago. These elephants have the power to endure 100+ years of living.

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posted 12-30-00 16:00 ET (US)     4 / 11       
Caesar stepped down from the throne carried by the three elephants. As he stepped down, a wind blew in his face.

It is great to be back, said Caesar Maximus, My son will be a strong emperor when Im gone.

The crowd watched as Caesar made his way back to his palace.

Civis Romanus
posted 01-03-01 12:22 ET (US)     5 / 11       
In a villa outside of Rome...

A brown haired, blue-eyed man of medium heighth and moderate build that belied his skill at swordsmanship and things military was busy reviewing a scroll of the previous month's expenses.

"It is no small cost to maintain this villa, Servicus," he said to his Chief Servant. "We are indeed fortunate that the vines have yielded so well that we can provide our own wine and have surplus to sell. Indeed, if I were to rely exclusively on the income from the emperor we all would be making bread in a galley."

"But it would be fine bread indeed, Master," observed Servicus. The blue-eyed man looked at his servant and blinked, then broke out into hearty laughter. Such was the relationship between the two men in an empire where servants were neither to be heard nor considered; they were to be treated as slaves only. Yet, in this household, there was never permitted nor would there ever be slaves. It was the way of the Master and his wife.

The giggling of two children could be heard coming from the entrance to the massive insulae that made up the primary structure of the villa. Out burst the two, the girl being followed by the boy. She was taller and more agile than the boy, but this was more a product of their difference in age. The girl, aged seven, was the boy's elder by three years.

"Come back here this instant you two," came the voice of an adult woman fast on their heals. She had hair of light brown and a heart-shaped face that framed hazel eyes. Pretty and vivacious, even after bearing and rearing two mischievious children, she was the perfect match for the more introspective, brooding husband she first met on the Isle of Celtia.

"Just wait till I catch you... you... you two little thieves!" cried out Apolita. "Civis! Don't just stand there... they're yours too you know!"

The two children made the tactical error of running too close to their father where he stood with Servicus. Civis handed the scroll to the servant and collared each in turn as they ran by. In a few steps, Apolita caught up with them.

"Well, I have them. What did they do now?" asked Civis.

"Stealing treats from the oven, again," replied Apolita.

Civis looked at his daughter, Apollonia, and at his first born son, named Civis the Younger, a tradition in his family. "Is this true?"

"Yes, father," said both. They knew better than to lie. Besides, the sweetened pastry each held was proof positive of their crime.

"You have been warned about such things... Now, give the treats back to your mother... (they did) Servicus, it's off to the vines for these two... you know what to do."

"Yes, Master Civis... They pick grapes with the vine workers." The children's faces lit up momentarily, then common sense took over and their faces returned to twin expressions of contrition. This was no punishment in their devious minds. A plump, juicy grape would find each of their mouths for every bunch they put in a basket held by a servant. The servants didn't mind and certainly wouldn't tell. Servicus led them away with a gentle grip on the hand of each. Apollonia looked back over her shoulder and smiled prettily at her father. So much of her mother is in that one, thought Civis. For that he was grateful.

Apolita was about to give Civis a piece of her mind about leniency when she was interrupted by a servant running towards them calling out "Master Civis! Master Civis! A messenger from the Emperor!" Behind the running servant followed a mounted soldier in the black and white armor and uniform of the Praetorian Guard.

The messenger stepped down from his horse and saluted the former Commander of the Imperial Army and now Military Advisor to Caesar. "Hail Caesar!" Civis replied in kind then waited for the message.

"Caesar Maximus requires your presence in his palace. There is a pressing matter of state and security. May I escort you there, Commander?"

Civis looked at Apolita and saw the change in expression on her face. "I'm sure it is nothing momentous, Apolita. I shall return quickly once I have fulfilled Caesar's request." His wife looked at her husband skeptically but said nothing. Civis served at Caesar's pleasure and she had long ago accepted this fact.

Uniformed, armored and armed with his renowned short sword, Civis Romanus rode his white stallion beside the messenger through the gate of his villa and onto the road to the palace of Caesar in Roma.

posted 01-03-01 15:09 ET (US)     6 / 11       
As Civis Romanus reached Caesar's Palace, Imperial Commander Marcus Publius jumped out of the brush and scared Civis Romanus.

"Come here," said the Imperial Commander.

"I'm here to see Caesar Maximus," said Commander Civis.

"See him," shouted Imperial Commander Marcus Publius, "What for? It is I who called you."

"You," asked Civis, "What for?"

"That Caesar is blinded," said Marcus, "He know nothing of this. Young Emperor, heir to the throne, is a fool."

"Maximus's son," said Civis, "How dare you."

"How dare you challenge my authority," said Marcus.

"You might be Imperial Commander," said Civis.

"But what," stopped Marcus, "Say another word and I will have my soldiers kill you. Follow me."

Commander Civis Romanus followed the direction of his Imperial Commander.

Civis Romanus
posted 01-03-01 21:58 ET (US)     7 / 11       
The Imperial Commander of the Legions of Roma carried on, ranting and raving about the offenses committed by Caesar and his son (who appears to have no name). Civis listened to the man's rantings with his chin placed firmly on the knuckles of his two balled up hands. Finally the man stopped and began to stare expectantly at Civis.

"So," began Civis. "You say Caesar is being duped by his son, who has gone out of his way to claim credit for the victories you have achieved with your legions in Northern Gaul. This has offended you and you believe the gullibility of Caesar and the insolence of Caesar's son is justification for you to seize the Empire for yourself and your heirs... in your own meek, unassuming and humbly formed opinion."

Marcus Publius sat silently staring at Civis. Then his eyebrows knitted into a deep frown. "Are you mocking me, Commander?" he said putting his hand on his sword.

"I mirror your words and how they are said. If they mock you, then you are mocking yourself. It is not I who mocks you, Imperial Commander Marcus Publius," responded Civis. "Furthermore, make no threats of harm against me if you expect any support from this soldier. Do nothing that makes it easy as well as necessary for me to oppose you rather than support you, do you understand?"

"And what legions do you have to back up your threat, Commander? I see no soldiers carrying the banner of Rome for Civis Romanus," taunted Marcus Publius.

"Remember your history, Imperial Commander. I win my battles with or without Roman legions. Consider this very carefully... Now, Marcus Publius, I have heard your complaints. Is there more I must hear; or may I leave you and pursue my business in Roma?"

Marcus paused in thought before answering.

posted 01-04-01 17:04 ET (US)     8 / 11       
As Civis walked out the chamber, Marcus Publius takes a club and knocked Civis down to the floor.

"You are not dead to the Romans," said Marcus, "But beware of your place in Roma. I'm Imperial Commander, don't you dare forget that."

Marcus then carried the unconscious Civis to his hidden chamber down below.

"You will stay in here," said Marcus, "Let's see who can save you now."

Marcus walked upstair mocking at his former commander.

"You will never work for me again, ever," said Marcus with an evil laught.

Meanwhile, in Roma...

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Eminence Grise
posted 01-05-01 10:10 ET (US)     9 / 11       
Young Claudius was tired of reading Catullus and Ovid and had escaped when his tutor had settled in his normal afternoon nap.

As he was about to turn a corner on his way to some of his father's orchards he heard a mad cackle from the other corridor and hid behind a wall hanging. Peeking from behind it he saw Marcus Publius, his fathers Chief of Armies, walk by. The man's face was drawn in a sneer and Claudius could hear him mutter under his breath.

"Pox claim that dratted man! His loyalty to the Emperor will be his death yet. It will be as soon as we have a new Emperor. Hah!
He doesn't have a hope in Tartaros to escape that room and when I..."

The rest of the words were lost as Marcus Publius passed out of Claudius hearing. The young man sniffed and wondered who had fallen foul of the General now and what he'd meant about a new Emperor. His father was still healthy and at 16 Claudius was old enough to follow him if something should happen to his father. And why would he turn against one of his father's servants?

Loyalty was a virtue his father rewarded with more than just gold. Too many Emperors had died because of the greed of others and trusting people they shouldn't have.
Even Caius Julius Caesar had fallen to the knives of traitors.

No, he thought, this was more puzzling and more fun than going to steal walnuts. Claudius slipped from behind the hanging and made his way to the General's appartments.

posted 01-05-01 15:20 ET (US)     10 / 11       

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Civis Romanus
posted 01-05-01 20:48 ET (US)     11 / 11       
Civis woke up in a darkened room. No, the room isn't dark... He's blindfolded, he realized... and his hands were tied behind his back. He struggled to his knees and then to his feet. He began to walk.

"Clump" It was a wall. He turned about and walked in the opposite direction.

"Clump" Another wall... "Clump", "Clump". Two more walls. Then Civis began to mumble something about son of the father... father of the son... who's the father... He wasn't feeling well at all. Something had generated confusion in his mind... Either it was the result of the growing lump on his head or something else...

One thing he did finally realize. He was in a small room or cell and he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon until someone freed him or ended his state of confusion.

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