February 17, 2024
Designer Bio: PhatFish
12:25 PM EST by Fisk in Age of Empires Heaven
I’m sure some of you have already noticed, we have a new page under the desinger bios in our Town Center. As he resigned from his position as Seraph Phatty had thought of writing something lengthy about his AoE journey that has lasted over 20 years, and I (More …)
February 4, 2024
A promotion? In this economy?
4:00 PM EST by Yeebaagooon in Age of Mythology Heaven
He has been here long enough to inspire myths. Congratulations to nottud for his sterling work being a cornerstone of the community, a mad scientist inventor and a helping hand to so many. (More …)
February 1, 2024
Age of Mythology: Retold – First look this month!
3:45 AM EST by Yeebaagooon in Age of Mythology Heaven
It’s safe to say news has been pretty bare about the upcoming sequel Age of Mythology: Retold.This has changed with an announcement from the AoE official site. There’s no official release date, images or additional information – but we have been promised a (More …)
December 24, 2023
Another Christmas gift
2:42 PM EST by Fisk in Age of Empires Heaven
But I was just going to do the Christmas wishes! I had half a post drafted and everything! And now I have to follow up on that…So first of all, since Phatfish is saying farewell to the AoE community, I guess I will be the first to thank him for (More …)
Happy Holidays… and goodbye
11:22 AM EST by PhatFish in Age of Empires Heaven
Hope you have a nice Christmas, Yule, or Holidays with your loved ones! I am very happy to see that in our last poll the original game and it’s expansion came out on top – what’s the most complete AoE1 experience according to you? Here are the results: (More …)

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